The International Association of Language and Social Psychology was inaugurated at the sixth annual international conference in Ottawa 1997. This emerged following the collaboration and interest of colleagues at several previous international meetings and enjoyed continued success and increased membership at the seventh annual conference held at Cardiff University in Wales, 2000. Since then, we have held the International Conference on Language and Social Psychology (ICLASP) in Hong Kong (ICLASP8, 2002), at Penn State University (ICLASP9, 2004), in Bonn, Germany (ICLASP10, 2006), Tucson, Arizona (ICLASP11, 2008), Brisbane, Australia (ICLASP12, 2010), Fryslân, The Netherlands (ICLASP13, 2012), Honolulu, Hawaii (ICLASP14, 2014), and most recently Bangkok, Thailand (ICLASP15, 2016). The next conference will be held in Edmonton in 2018, and we look forward to seeing you there.

We welcome you to join us with your membership. Also please feel free at this time to meet our Executive Officers.

The primary purpose of the Association is to ensure the continuity and development of the biennial international conferences and the variety of functions these have served: the exchange of ideas; the making of contacts; the facilitation of collaborative research projects; the publication of articles and books; and especially, the sharing of experience among colleagues from a variety of disciplines and professions from around the world. The diversity of perspectives focusing on the intersection of language and social behavior and experience has been one of the exciting and rewarding features of the earlier conferences. At each conference, the membership and executive develop a Task Force to investigate a pressing issue and present their findings at the next conference. The most recent Task Force theme is Science Communication. If you are interested in contributing to this Task Force, please contact the organizers. We very much hope this will continue to be a distinctive feature in the future of IALSP.

How the Association develops will depend on the will and wishes of its members. Our aims include the addition of specialist workshops, small group meetings, and other academic activities referred to in our constitution. We look forward to contributions from our members to our new news blog and our website.