JLSP Special Issue: Call for Co-Editors

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The Journal of Language and Social Psychology is announcing a new Special Issue, for which they are seeking co-Editors: “THE LEGACY OF GEORGE FLOYD:Language, Communication, d Social Psychological Perspectives toward CHANGE and SOCIAL JUSTICE” In just the last few weeks, almost the entire world has been rocked, shocked, and saddened by the nature of the… Read more »

Focus Publication — June 2020

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The (randomly) selected focus publication for June 2020 is: Bourhis, R.Y. (2019). Evaluating the impact of Bill 101 on the English-Speaking communities of Quebec. Language Problems and Language Planning, 43, 198-229. ABSTRACT Though forty years of language policies much improved the status and use of French in Quebec, laws such as Bill 101 played a role… Read more »