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Mark your calendars for the SASP-SPSSI Group Meeting on Intergroup Contact to be held in Newcastle, Australia, 29 April-1 May 2019.

The conference is aimed at junior and senior scholars in Social Psychology, Anthropology, Communication, Political Science, and Sociology (among others) with an interest in multiple perspectives on intergroup contact’s effects.

For more information, please visit the conference website.


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The (randomly) selected focus publication for October 2018 is:

Giles, M., Pines, R., Giles, H., & Gardikiotis, A. (2018). Toward a communication model of intergroup interdependence. Atlantic Journal of Communication, 26, 122-130.



This article seeks to expand the theoretical base of intergroup communication by proposing a new model of interdependence. As a backdrop toward this end, historical and contemporary uses of the concept of interdependence are briefly reviewed across a range of different disciplines and research fields. Defining interdependence in terms of the embedded nature of groups, the foundations of a new communicative model of intergroup interdependence are introduced. Four propositions articulate how intergroup independence is associated with a variety of communicative outcomes. These outcomes include those relating to language attitudes, communication accommodations, and linguistic biases, together with the moderating conditions shaping the extent of these behavioral consequences. Finally, a diverse array of research questions that could fruitfully guide the future development of the model are suggested.


This article appeared in a Special Issue on Intergroup Communication edited by Howard Giles and Antonis Gardikiotis in the Atlantic Journal of Communication, which featured work presented at the 1st International Symposium on Intergroup Communication that took place in Thessaloniki, Greece in June 2017.


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Call for papers at the 69th International Communication Association (ICA) Conference, May 2019 in Washington DC (USA).

Each year IALSP is allocated one session (75 minutes) at the International Communication Association (ICA) conference.  This session allows us to continue a tradition of collegiality among our members, recruit new members, network, and showcase our work outside of our organization.

In 2019, ICA will be in Washington DC (May 24-28). We anticipate that this will be a very popular and exciting conference. We would like to use our panel to showcase papers that were presented at ICLASP16 in Edmonton, Alberta.

**If you would like to present your ICLASP16 research (in its original or updated form) at ICA, please submit your work for consideration by 19 October.**


For more information and submission instructions, please see attached Call For Papers.

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The 12th International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB12) will take place at the University of Alberta, Canada, 23-28 June, 2019.

The conference theme is “Bilingualism and The Next Generation,” which highlights the importance of the next generation in language maintenance and survival on the one hand, and the importance of the next generation of scholars in moving the field forward on the other. Papers that fit within that theme in some way are particularly eagerly solicited. However, ISB12 invites papers in all areas of research in bilingualism and multilingualism (whether linked to the conference theme or not), including but not limited to: linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, applied linguistics, neuropsychology, first and second and third language acquisition, clinical linguistics, language and education, and multilingual societies.



Abstracts are solicited for three categories of proposals: individual papers, posters, and theme sessions. Abstracts may be submitted in either English or French, and presentations may also be given in either language. Apart from this, the main working language of ISB12 will be English (we plan to offer interpretation to and from American Sign Language, if requested).

The deadline for the submission of abstracts will be 15 October, 2018 at 23:59 North American Mountain time. Notification of acceptance can be expected by 15 January, 2019.


For more information, see attached ISB12 Last Call For Papers or visit the conference website.


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The (randomly) selected focus publication for September 2018 is:

Walther, J. B. (2018). The emergence, convergence, and resurgence of intergroup communication theory in computer-mediated communication. Atlantic Journal of Communication, 26, 86-97. doi: 10.1080/15456870.2018.1432616


This article describes the emergence, application, development, and refinement of intergroup communication theory to explain the social effects of computer-mediated communication. It highlights the social identification-deindividuation model as a critique and alternative to models of computer-mediated communication based on interindividual and interpersonal perceptions. The article chronicles how tensions between interpersonal and intergroup approaches led to reevaluations of research methods, to measures, and to critical tests of the perspectives, and how these developments ultimately led to reformulations and the evolution of explanatory models from both the intergroup and interpersonal domains. Recent developments in social media and their challenges and opportunities for continuing and expanding applications of intergroup conceptualizations are discussed, concluding with recommendations for the resurgent vitality of intergroup approaches to help explain new social media practices and problems.


Individuals can request a copy of the published version of this article (and others from Joe Walther) to be sent to them by email from here.