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After a hiatus for annual holidays, we are returning with the first focus publication of 2017!

The (randomly) selected focus publication for January 2017 is:

Lin, M-C., Giles, H., & Soliz, J. (2016). Problematic intergenerational communication and caregiving in the family: Elder abuse and neglect. In L.N. Olson & M.A. Fine (Eds), The darker side of family communication: The harmful, the morally suspect, and the socially inappropriate (pp. 155-173). New York: Peter Lang.

[PDF available here]

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The (randomly) selected focus publication for November 2016 is:

Leach, L. E., Watson, B. M., Hewett, D. G., Schwarz, G. M., & Gallois, C. (2016). Interprofessional conflict, collaboration and leadership in health. In H. Giles & A. Maass (Eds.), Advances in Intergroup Communication. (pp. 247-265). New York: Peter Lang Publishing.



The health sector is well-known as an arena of poor communication and organizational conflict, which threatens the safety and quality of patient care. Communication failures have been implicated as a major cause of adverse events in patient care, and repeated calls have appeared for better interprofessional training and relations. Hospitals comprise culturally distinct units within which power hierarchies and professional identities influence relations and communication, which often give rise to conflict. In this chapter, we review the existing literature about organizational communication in health. We discuss the often neglected role of management in hospitals, the impact of system variables on intergroup dynamics and interprofessional communication, and the consequences for patient care. We argue that leadership by clinicians and managers, and communication between them, is a key contributor to quality of care. The chapter concludes with a research agenda, emphasizing research that aims to position health care leaders as drivers of improvement in intergroup communication.

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Each year IALSP is allocated one session (75 minutes) at the International Communication  Association (ICA) conference.  This session allows us to continue a tradition of collegiality among our members, recruit new members, network, and showcase our work outside of our organization.

In 2017, ICA will be in San Diego, California (May 25-29). We anticipate that this will be a very popular and exciting conference. We would like to use our panel to showcase papers that were presented at ICLASP15 in Bangkok, Thailand.

If you would like to present your ICLASP15 research (in its original or updated form) at ICA, please submit your work for consideration by 19 October.

Call For Papers (PDF)

Submit an abstract (250 words max.) of a paper that was presented at ICLASP15 in Bangkok, Thailand. Please also indicate whether this paper was presented as a completed project or a work in progress (WIP). Priority will be given to WIP papers that are now complete.

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The (randomly) selected focus publication for October 2016 is:

Giles, H., & Stohl, M. (2016). Fans, rivalries, communities, and nations: An intergroup approach to communication and sports. In A. Billings (Ed.), Sports communication as a field (pp. 150-164). New York: Routledge. [PDF]

A PDF of the chapter is available via the link above.

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The Department of English at Hong Kong Polytechnic University is inviting applications for the positions of Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in one or more of five research areas: Language & Professional Communication, Language Teaching & Learning, Media & Communication, Intercultural Communication, Linguistics & English Language.

The application deadline is 31 Oct 2016. Further information is available here: