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The (randomly) selected focus publication for February/March 2018 is:

Vincze, L., Gasiorek, J., & Dragojevic, M. (2017). Little chance for divergence: The role of interlocutor language constraint in online bilingual accommodation. International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 27(3), 608–620. doi: 10.1111/ijal.12164



Drawing on communication accommodation theory, the present paper explored how affective (i.e. identity related) and cognitive (i.e. comprehension related) motives drive young Swedish‐speaking Finns to use Swedish in online communication when interacting with Finnish speakers. Questionnaire data were collected among Swedish‐speaking secondary school students (N = 124). A Bayesian moderated mediation revealed that the use of Swedish was guided both by cognitive and affective motives. Furthermore, affective motives were stronger predictors of language behaviour in cases where participants did not perceive they were restricted by interlocutors’ competence in Swedish. However, a similar effect was not detected for cognitive motives. Findings and their theoretical implications are discussed with respect to bilingual accommodation.