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The (randomly) selected focus publication for May 2019 is:

Rogerson A.M., & Rossetto, L.C. (2018). Accommodating student diversity and different learning backgrounds. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research: Special Issue Bringing International Perspectives to the Communication Curriculum in an Era of Globalization, 47 (5), 411-420. doi:10.1080/17475759.2018.1475293


Student mobility presents both challenges and opportunities in higher education due to language, cultural and learning background differences among students. Effective integration of ‘real world’ group situations into class and assessment activities assists students to develop skills in accommodating cross-cultural language differences in line with convergent principles of communication accommodation theory. This case study reports on a cross-cultural post-graduate Management subject in a regional Australian university, demonstrating how explicit teaching results in improved learning outcomes by integrating experiences with theory, while better preparing students to participate in a globalised workforce.