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Below is a message from Stefania Paolini, organizer of the SPSSI-SASP Intergroup Contact Meeting, for members of IALSP:

Interested in the SPSSI-SASP Intergroup Contact Meeting but cannot make it to the conference?

2019 SPSSI/SASP group meeting on Intergroup Contact to be held in Newcastle, Australia between Monday 29th April and Wed 1st May, 2019: For information, visit:

People who cannot make the conference in person have the option to (a) watch and listen to the presentations live via zoom or (b) download the presentations by presenters who have consented to the posting sometimes after the conference (exact timeline TBA) and view at their convenience.

Details of the conference including program schedule can be found at:

Times in the conference program are expressed as Sydney Australian Eastern times. To convert these times to your local times, try this easy time converter:

The link below provides instructions on how to connect to zoom (for windows or MAC) for the live-streaming.

To watch live, each session of the conference has a designated hyperlink (see program skeleton) that you can use to join the conference (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Click on the hyperlink and either download zoom or join via your browser If you join from your browser, you will have to enter the nine digit meeting zoom ID number (also on the program skeleton).

 When you join a session, your microphone will be muted automatically to reduce any feedback noise (from people joining and leaving the session). Questions immediately after each presentations will be taken only from the live audience at the conference venue. However, at the end of all sessions an extended Q and A will will include questions from the zoom audience.

The recorded presentations of presenters consenting to upload their file will be uploaded to the conference website  in the near future. The timeframe for this is however TBA. Check the conference website for updates.

2019-SASP-SPSSI Group Meeting Zoom Sessions

The information provided below needs to be read in conjunction with the conference program schedule here:

Session 1: Monday 29th April 2019, 1:40pm

ID: 369836376

Session 2: Monday 3:40pm

ID: 128758915

Monday Keynote 7:00pm

ID: 751087884

Session 3, Tuesday 30th April: 9:00am

ID: 741042382

Session 4, Tuesday 30th April, 11am

ID: 627418278

Session 5, Tuesday 30th April, 1:30pm

ID: 974153182

Session 6, Wednesday 1st May, 8:30am


Session 7, Wednesday 1st May, 10:50am

ID: 790299652

Wednesday Keynote, 12:20pm

ID: 658216211

Hope to see many of you virtually then!