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At the Singapore Art Museum, I had the good fortune of viewing some of the original works of Master Wu Guanzhong (吳冠中).  His oil painting 又見風箏(Seeing the Kites Again)captivated me. And there I sat in front of it for the good part of an hour, with my wife and in the company of a handful of visitors. Betwixt dream and wakefulness, I turned myself into a kite, soaring with the current, scouting around, looking back, and pondering ahead. The wind around the kite kept reminding me of my helplessness. I would certainly drop except for the mysterious power of the wind, freely available to whoever was willing to accept. Enlightened, I rediscovered the ancient awesome tree; a living testimony to what nature has been and is. In my wakefulness, I hastened to recollect my impressions, strung them into words, and committed the propositions to memory.

Months later, I stumbled on the Kites in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre complex. It was a replica truthful in every respect that counted. I laid my hands on it and headed home.

On the occasion of my retirement, I put pen to paper and scribbled down my thought as they came to mind. Let them be a tribute to my dear ones in various parts of the world –my family and friends, colleagues and students, fellow pilgrims. May God bless you all.

Ng Sik-hung, FRSNZ

Chair Professor of Social Psychology (2000-2012)

City University of Hong Kong

Celebration of Professor Sik Hung Ng’s retirement